Giving Local Rescues That Encourage 1 Foster – 1 Fur-Baby; Free With a Donation Veterinary Care!


One Foster Parent – One Fur-Baby

Which is stronger & better; a shelter with 100 animals or 100 fosters with one animal?

Litters will count as one but they will be divided into individual fosters at 8 weeks and the mother will be spayed. This allows for better training and Human socialization. The homes they go to will be the Foster-to-Adopt Homes (if available).

Foster Parents Program – Under Construction – Email us at with questions or suggestions to add to the webpage.

 Any organization is welcome to use this as the format for their rescue-foster-adoption programs. I can even show existing Shelters and Veterinary offices how they can convert their facility into one of our Free Veterinary Clinics and you’ll be able to help upwards to 100 times as many animals as you can now. Email me at:


To create a network of Educated/Certified volunteers and Free (with a tax deductible donation) Foster Parent Training Centers and Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals for the foster animals. The volunteers will range from Foster Parents to veterinarians who will provide total care (everything from training to preventive medicine to surgery to dental care to emergency medicine) for the pets. The facilities will range from  Behavior Training and Counseling to Grooming/House Call Grooming to House Call Clinics to Neighborhood Wellness Clinics to Specialty/Emergency Clinics/Hospitals. All services will be available for any pet regardless of age or condition. So they will get the best care possible and get a forever home that is as close to perfect as possible regardless of the social-economic status of the foster parents. All services are free with a donation to the Phoenix-Agape Humane Society.


All animals are free with a donation to P-AHS!

  • Certified Foster parents – they must have had their home inspected by one of our Certified Foster Parents. They also must study for and pass a test on responsible pet ownership for the species they wish to foster and agree to follow our policies. They will sign the Certified Foster Parent agreement.
  • Foster parent in training – our Certified Foster Parents will train and help you to create the correct environment for our foster babies. They will help you to study for and then test you on responsible pet ownership for the species you wish to foster. If you own, we will even put in fences for your foster pet to play in! If you rent we will help you to get an invisible fence. WE CAN USE YOUR PET IN THE COURSE SO YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO CORRECT HIS OR HER BEHAVIOR PROBLEM(S)!
  • If you need it, we will help get your own animals current on their preventative medicine (Free with a donation to the organization).
  • Maximum number of pets in house to foster our animals:
    • 2 dogs if yard not fenced
    • 1 dog/2 rooms in house if yard fenced
    • 1 cat/2 rooms
    • If you rent we must have a letter signed by the landlord giving you permission to foster
  • All cats in the household are Inside only cats and they must be current on all vaccinations and tested for FeLV and AIDS. If positive for either, we can make you a special needs parent for cats with FeLV or AIDS. All medical care for your special needs pets will be free with a donation.
  • Foster Parents will be responsible for:
    • Getting their Fur-babies to our clinics to keep them current on preventive medicine
    • Getting them spayed/neutered and getting any medical and/or surgical issues treated
    • Behavior training
    • Promoting their Fur-Baby and finding and vetting their forever home.
    • Recruiting more foster parents and mentoring them through their foster parent certification program.

Classes of Foster Parents

  • Foster-4-Forever Parent – This class is good for people on fixed income, retirees worried about dying or going someplace that won’t accept pets. Or if you just need help taking care of your pets.
  • Foster-to-Adopt parent – Do a trial run with your baby
  • Foster as a vocation – Not only can you help the animals but it can be used to supplement you income. You will be a fundraiser and get some or all of the donations you generate.
  • Foster as a mission – You just want to help!
  • Special Needs Fosters – Behavior Problems; Feline Leukemia; Feline AIDS; Heart worms; etc, etc, etc If there’s a problem we’ll provide the solution!
  • Emergency Foster Parent – Available to the general public if they surrender their pet to APR we will make them the Foster Parent/Guardian for the pet. This allows us to treat them in our facilities. You are welcome to become a Foster Parent in Training and eventually a Certified Foster Parent!
  • Adoption (free with a donation to P-AHS) – Use this option if you don’t want to be eligible for Free Care. As long as they continue to be one of our foster pets we can help you take care of them.

Being a Foster Parent

1) The first and most important step in the program is to get trained and get your home up to our standards.

2) The next is choosing your fur-baby foster.

Dogs – use our Breed selection test and our puppy selection test.

Cats – -Use this test to rate the Cat/Kitten you are fostering/choosing to foster: Cat selection test (use this test to pick the physical/behavior traits of the kitty you are choosing or the kitty you are fostering to match with the adoption parent)

    Already have/know your future fur-baby; try our foster-to-adopt program.

This gives the adopter the ability to test run a dog to see if the dog or cat is right for their family. And when you decide to adopt the dog, you make a donation to the P-AHS for whatever you can joyfully give. If it is not the right pet for you all we require is that you find someone else to foster-adopt your fur baby.

Our Foster-To-Adopt Parents that choose a different Forever Home can keep the adoption donation (what they can joyfully give) minus expenses to compensate them for any personal expenses incurred during fostering. The foster parent is allowed to have one pet returned to our foster program but if it happens a second time they loose the ability to foster or foster-to-adopt from P-AHS. We want you to match your Fur-Baby to the adoption family carefully.

All foster parents and adoptive parents will eventually have full medical/behavioral support through our Foster Medical Coordinator.

Finding someone to vaccinate/spay/neuter your fur-baby.

All of our facilities will practice Patient/Client oriented medicine which will include Alternative Medicine. We are in the process of creating facilities to provide care for the Fur-Babies. They will range from the small neighborhood clinics operated by a Veterinary Technician to Surgical/Dental Facilities and finally, to full service specialty hospitals staffed by licensed/boarded veterinarians that will do emergency care.

The larger facilities will have an Adoption Center Day Care where the foster parents can bring their fosters to facilitate their adoption and give them play time to further develop healthy social interaction.

Our Foster Parents as a vocation that choose a different Forever Home

Foster parents can get as a fundraising commission any or all of the donation they raise

If an adoptive family decides to return the pet; the foster parent will try to find a solution to the reason they are returning the pet. If you can’t they try to find it a new home while we try to get the pet a new foster parent. The foster parent is allowed to have one pet returned to our foster program within 1 month of its adoption. But if it happens a second time the foster parent may loose the ability to foster or foster-to-adopt from P-AHS. We want you to match your foster to the adoption family carefully.

A vital part of the rescue process is fostering. A foster parent fulfills an integral role by providing the initial safe and secure environment for a rescued dog. By taking in a newly rescued dog or cat you can save one more pet from our area shelters and other local sources. During the transition phase from shelter to home, rescued dogs require emotional support. A foster parent must provide a nurturing atmosphere that includes shelter, exercise, and most importantly, love. It takes a special person who can provide all of this for a rescued dog or cat and then give them up when a permanent home is found. You, however, will be the one choosing where your baby will go. You will help in all aspect of their care, from pick-up to adoption. And most important of all, you will take pictures and promote your foster dog to help find his/her their forever home. Foster parents will be responsible for placing rescued dogs in appropriately matched homes. By observing their fostered dog’s specific personality traits, we gather essential information necessary for placing each dog in the right home. For more information: Foster

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