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Phoenix-Agape Veterinary Services is a Free Clinic where ALL proceeds go to the

Phoenix-Agape Humane Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit

Phoenix-Agape Veterinary Services mission: As a branch of the Phoenix-Agape Humane Society, we are a Mobile Animal Surgical Unit that provides Free Health Screening, vaccinations and preventative care to ALL socioeconomic categories. We also sponsor neighborhood Rabies+/Health Screening Clinics!

Need help? Fill out our New Client Form and tell us how we can help you. or call us at 423-800-5999 if you are in urgent need of help!

100% of the donations go to the Phoenix-Agape Humane Society.

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Dr. Harlow is donating his time and gets no monetary compensation; but who can put a price on the love!

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