Apr 08 2015

Lassie’s Story

Lassie had a tumor growing out of the side of her mouth.  It had been growing for some time and as you can see in the photo it was now the side of a baseball and interfering with hr eating.  Children (whom she loves) were afraid of her and people stared at her.  Her owner checked with her veterinarian to see how much it would cost to have it removed and at that time (when the tumor was much smaller) the cost was $950-$1000 and that did not include any cancer therapy afterwards.  She tried to save up for it but every time she had some put back and emergency would arise.  She had a minimum wage job.  She called CCAC who referred her to Dr. Harlow with P-AHS.  He removed the tumor and started her on cancer therapy (which she will take the rest of her life).  From 3 feet away you cannot tell she had had surgery. You have to get up close (see picture below).   It has been over 5 months and there is not sign of tumor regrowth.  According to her owner Alison Lassiter, “She is very healthy and happy.  She loves to greet strangers when we are in public and now children are not afraid of her anymore because of the tumor.

Lassie After

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