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We are no longer providing any veterinary care, instead we will be offering FREE¹ (¹with a donation to the Agape Kosmos Foundation which will be supplying us with grants) online training as well as FREE¹ (¹with a donation to the Agape Kosmos Foundation which will be supplying us with grants) hands-on practical training at our Training Centers (created with grant money from the Agape Kosmos Foundation) on how to provide your own healthcare for your pets and the pets that you are fostering.

Welcome to the website of the Phoenix-Agape Humane Society; where God’s love is given to all of God’s Creatures.

The Phoenix arose from the ashes of it’s on destruction. Veterinarians, for the most part, have destroyed God’s trust and are using animals to make money. This is a corruption of our dominion and is not what God intended. Our organization is dedicated to bringing Agape back into our dominion.

Agape is love which is of and from God, whose very nature is love itself. Agape is selfless, sacrificial and unconditional love.

With God’s strength we must give this love back to God and all of his creation which includes the animals, each other and most importantly, ourselves. God created all of this and gave us dominion over His creation. But we are to love Creation like He loves it and dominion does not mean to use it to make money by hurting, abusing and destroying His Creation. We are to serve as His responsible stewards and protect and nurture all of it.

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If you are a veterinarian and you want to become part of our organization or want information on how you can change and become more like what most of us wanted to be when we started veterinary school email me at doc@p-ahs.org

Phoenix Agape Humane Society is a 501C(3) organization. Your donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.