January Jones

January's wound

January’s wound

January Jones is deaf.  She apparently was an inside cat until her former owners moved and abandoned her.  They left her outside where she had never been and she was deaf so she could not hear any approaching danger.  Something apparently attacked her from behind and left a large wound on her lower back (See picture below).   She was rescued by Catoosa Citizens For Animal Care, a non-profit rescue in Ringgold, GA.  It was apparent her wound was going to take several vet visits and a lot of care.  CCAC operates on donations and grants only and would not have been able to help her without Dr. Harlow and the Phoenix Agape Humane Society.  Her care involved wound care and when it did not heal as expected (and the appearance of other sores later) he did biopsies and skin scrapings.  It was discovered she had had an allergic reaction to something (probably in the saliva of what attacked her).  Dr. Harlow researched what the biopsies showed and changed her treatment.  Now after being on the medications needed for her condition and a food change she is healing and has been adopted into her forever home.  CCAC could not have saved her with out Dr. Harlow and P-AHS. Nancy Frye, CCAC

January Jones Chilling in her new home:-)

January Jones Chilling in her new home:-)

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