Tristan Twisty Pants

P-AHS and Dr. Harlow have been such a blessing!

I recently rescued a 12 year old Papillion from a bad case of neglect. Tristan, the Papillion, was in dire need of medical attention. His teeth and gums were infected and abscessed from lack of dental care. He was unable to eat and was in constant pain. Being a natural born animal rescuer, I could not leave him in this situation. However, I had no idea how I was going to be able to provide him with the veterinary care he desperately needed. When I found P-AHS, Dr. Harlow was very professional and great to work with. I had to drive an hour to see him but it was completely worth it!! During his first visit, Dr. Harlow was able to pin point several medical conditions (heart murmur, kidney infection, and being underweight) that needed to be addressed to improve Tristan’s quality of life. He was even able to fit in a dental procedure to remove his teeth right then so I wouldn’t have to drive back. The fact that he was conscientious of the long drive I would have to make to return, spoke volumes about his character and his concern for me and my pet. This was a risk for Tristan at his age with his medical conditions but Dr. Harlow got him through it! He was knowledgeable and confident in his work which put me at ease for the procedure. Words cannot express how thankful I am that Tristan has a chance to live a happy, pain-free life!

Through his recovery, Dr. Harlow continued to call to check on his condition and provide advice for him. I honestly did not expect this from a small non-profit group such as this! This is a blessing and shows how much he cares about his patients. When Tristan’s heart began to act up for the first time (congestive heart failure), I had to rush him to the ER because, unfortunately, I am not close enough to P-AHS. Dr. Harlow remained in contact with me the entire time and helped me with prescriptions which saved me money. Again, he continues to follow up on Tristan’s condition as well as provide medications for him and advice on anything I need. Tristan is now a happy toothless little boy who loves to play outside in the yard and nap with my 5 kitties. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. I enjoy him everyday.

I am eternally grateful for P-AHS and Dr. Harlow for all he has done for Tristan. The best aspect of PAHS is that money does not motivate their work. The animals are their primary concern! It is easy to be an animal lover, however, even I understand how hard it can be to be responsible for their proper care. Proper animal care includes veterinary care in which many people neglect due to financial obligations/situations. P-AHS only required a donation. I was happy to give and also happy that I had a break on the bill. I also appreciated that there was no pressure in what the donation amount should be. At the same time, I liked that the receipt had all the services and procedures and the price I would have paid for them elsewhere. It helped me see what a great and selfless service P-AHS provided as well as lets me know what a good donation would be in light of the final total. If I was ever able to pay the full amount, I did.

It is important to remember that everything they do costs time and money. For this reason, I will continue to donate to P-AHS for providing such great services for my pets and to ensure they can continue to provide these services for others! I encourage others to donate and I would recommend them to anyone!


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Phoenix Agape Humane Society is a 501C(3) organization. Your donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.