Zuri’s Story

Dr. Harlow,

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all of your help rehabbing Zuri. Thanks to your patience, compassion, and expertise, Zuri and I both now have quality of life that seemed unobtainable before.

Zuri is a kitty that came to my rescue suffering from a broken back, paralysis, bladder infection, upper respiratory infection, and emotional trauma. Her outcome looked very bleak. A combination of the expertise and optimism of my primary vet teamed with my willingness to do most anything to save her life proved miraculous to say the least. Zuri is able to walk, run, jump, play and function very well. However, her tail is dead, her bladder function never returned, and her anal sphincter was damaged so she remains unable to use the bathroom on her own. My primary vet has limited experience dealing with this issue and I had no experience at all prior to Zuri, so this seemed hopeless. With the exception of me and my primary vet, everyone urged me to put her to sleep, even after her rehab was so successful.

As you know, the issue is that without a working sphincter Zuri is unable to push the feces out on her own. This created a huge obstacle in caring for her because without the right diet, she suffers from diarrhea or constipation. Regardless of what I tried, the end result was explosive diarrhea for days at a time. Her life was primarily lived in a cattery and mine was cleaning her and the cattery. It was so bad my family begged me to put her to sleep.

Thanks to your advice, and about a month of trial and error, we finally have her digestion on track. You gave hope to a hopeless situation, and thanks to you, the impossible became possible. Zuri no longer has to live her life in a cattery suffering from horrific digestion issues. She now runs free in the house and sleeps in the bed with me, my husband, and animal companions.

There are no words to express my gratitude. I have no doubt that this is something you do on a daily basis, so you may not realize how valuable you are to those of us who lack your knowledge and expertise. Taking a few minutes out of your busy life to LISTEN to the issue and make recommendations that proved invaluable changed our lives and saved Zuri’s. You are truly amazing and a hero to animals and pet owners everywhere. I hope every pet owner who is feeling hopeless finds their way to your office.


Angela Kittle, PhD, RMT, Paws for a Moment Animal Rescue Director

Specializing in terminal animal rehab.

Tunnel Hill, GA

Zuri Playing Now!


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